Web 3.0 digital identity protocol

Why create a digital identity?

Many people have been forced to adapt to online markets where digital identity is crucial. We need a more secure method of safeguarding it.

Identity Owner-Centric

ProofID imposes ownership of a digital identity and its related credentials using blockchain technology. This essentially implies that the identity owner has complete control over his or her personally identifiable information and may make good use of it.

Secure and Privacy-Centric

ProofID enforces the security, privacy, and secrecy of identifiable data via the blockchain encryption method.

Unified Digital Identity

Platforms and products don't have to go through time-consuming identification or KYC procedures using ProofID. Instead, they may pass on expenses to users and achieve simple KYC integration procedures in minutes by using credentials (DID).

Our Solution: Blockchain-based digital identity

Providing a system that will identify a person will open more opportunities. Blockchain technology enables a new way of managing digital identities with minimal dependencies on central authorities.

SSI Security Model

SSI security model enforces a system to decentralize the management of the digital identity and put its ownership to hands of the owner.

Unique Identifiable Digital Assets

Unique digital assets ownership are enforced by using blockchain technology thru tokenization using the same NFT specifications.

Credential Issuance and Verification

Multiple businesses can issue and verify different unique digital assets or digital identities via our toolkit

Identity Aggregation

ProofID can be used to aggregate all different types of identity specification as long as it complies with the standard DID specs. This allows users to access every type of identities issued across different networks.

End to End Identity Solution

The framework comes with a mobile identity application, a web administration tool for issuance and verification, a key recovery application and a development toolkit to enable different authentication services.

ProofID Blockchain

Digital Identity Blockchain Platform.

Powerful Rust-based Platform

ProofID works on ProofID-Blockchain, an evm-compatible blockchain that has decentralized identifier plugins

Decentralized Identifiers

Built-in decentralized identifiers function to root DIDs on-chain


Simplified framework to allow developers to extend the base functionality of the blockchain.

Private and Public enabled

Blockchain that is designed to work on a public scale and private permissioned network.


Gateway to the protocol

Software Development Kit

ProofID works on ProofID-Blockchain, an evm-compatible blockchain that has decentralized identifier plugins

Alfheim Test Network

Checkout our test bed blockchain platform.

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